Miura is Ena's elementary school classmate and appears to be her best friend.


Miura is somewhat of a tomboy who prefers donning boyish clothes like sports jerseys and rugged shorts/pants over the typical attire worn by girls her age.

She has no qualms against activities such as using skate-shoes for walking around the community, uni-cycling to their nearby school, building a robot costume out of cardboards, and being a priestess for their town's festival.

But despite her seemingly can-do-it-all demeanor there still lies a squeamish little girl within that wouldn't have anything to do with worms, bugs, and frogs. She also has trouble participating in anything that she considers uncivilized and appalling like preparing live bait, unhooking the struggling catch, and gutting still-gasping fish.

Although Miura is the type of person who is nice if she is treated fairly and is generally well-mannered enough especially to her elders, she can be pretty wicked when she feels being slighted. And she doesn't mince her words when speaking her mind which caused some early, albeit still quite comical, mishaps with Yotsuba. She also tends to take advantage of other people's weaknesses like Yotsuba's illogical fear of circular patterns and Jumbo's attraction to Asagi for her own personal pleasure/gain.


Miura doesn't tell white lies just to be nice and agreeable, a trait that made her appear to be mean when she shrewdly-criticized Yotsuba's childish sketches while they went drawing with Ena at the park. Only Jumbo's appearance and second opinion cleared that mess. She once also scared Yotsuba until the latter was reduced to tears but Ena straightened her out with a taste of her own medicine. But she still proved to be a good friend and playmate to Yotsuba as the series progressed. She even agreed in pretending to be a real cardboard robot named Danbo because Ena thought that revealing its true identity would 'destroy Yotsuba's dreams'.

Her closest friend in the series is Ena and the two always seem to get along pretty well despite their contrasting fashion sense and level of dread (Ena is more than capable of doing tasks that Miura consider too disgusting for her to partake in).

Miura is also very courteous and amiable towards her friend's family, most notably to Ena's older sisters and mother who always seem to have snacks and treats prepared for the children. She does negatively remark on the peculiar designs of Fuuka's t-shirts on more than one ocassion.

Once it became known to her that Jumbo has a thing for Asagi, she used that knowledge as a means to make him pay for all their expenses during the fireworks display festival. They too became friends as the story went on with Miura often expecting him to arrange future trips/activities for the gang.