Jumbo (top), Yotsuba's dad (middle) and Yotsuba (bottom)

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A friend of Koiwai and Yotsuba, having known Koiwai since they were children. Standing 210 centimeters (6 ft 11 in) tall, he dwarfs the other characters, most notably Yotsuba. He is always called by the nickname "Jumbo," and when Fuuka overhears his real name (Takashi Takeda) she seemed unimpressed and called it "common". He works as a florist at his father's flower shop, a formerly unmentioned occupation that Yotsuba and Fuuka only discover when they met him there by chance. Jumbo helps the Koiwais move in and frequently visits their house (usually bearing small gifts and treats for his best friend's child such as ice cream and picture books); he is more or less treated as a member of the family by Yotsuba. His dry wit and penchant for making deadpan quips can be confusing to the other characters but he usually means well and is very kind especially towards good-natured youngsters like Yotsuba and Ena. At the same time, he is rather impulsive, and often really goes all-out in organizing impromptu activities for the younger children such as catching cicadas, fishing and star-gazing. During one of these encounters, he enters into an immature one-sided rivalry against Miura which resulted in him spending a single day in Hawai'i just because he was told that she will be going there during the fall season. He also develops a deep infatuation with Asagi when he was introduced to her, but is too shy and awkward around beautiful women to directly act upon it. So he often devise ways of taking advantage of Yotsuba's close relationship with Asagi as an indirect method for him to improve his chances. But due to the little girls naivety on such matters, these underhanded schemes are never effective; uninvited people usually get mixed in with the planned activity much to Jumbo's annoyance. Yet these forced encounters paved the way for him to be better acquainted with the other characters such as Ena, Fuuka and Miura.

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